How to Remove Hair Permanently: What Are Your Options?

Want to go sleeveless without having embarrassing body hair and flaunt your soft skin? Nowadays, several options are available to remove your body hair permanently. Many studies have stated that there is no way to remove hair in one go permanently.

It takes a lot of sessions to get rid of the hair permanently. Shaving the hair removes it from the surface but not from the roots.

If you are tired of shaving your grown hair every week, then it is high time for you to look for the solutions that can remove the hair without growing back:


It is a widely accepted and used method that works effectively by passing electrical power through the follicles. This will attack the follicles extensively and never let the hair grow back.

There is also a kit available to readily carry out electrolysis. You can reap positive results after undergoing this treatment multiple times.

This type of treatment works on all body and skin types. However, this treatment can cause skin irritation or redness over the body.

Prescription creams and removers

Most dermatologists suggest the use of prescription creams twice a day. It will stop the growth of enzymes that stimulate hair growth.

Studies have proven that hair removal creams will retain the results for 6 to 8 weeks. However, the hair will start to grow again.

You can also use removers to remove unwanted hair from your body. You can find this product at ulike at the best price. Ulike being one of the leading companies that offer different types of hair removal products, you can easily rely on them. 

Laser hair removal

It is a permanent and long-term solution that primarily targets hair follicles. It will attack the hair follicles with the heat produced by the laser equipment and stop hair growth.

This type of treatment can be done anywhere on the body barring the eye area. The treatment works exceptionally on people with light skin tones over dark skin.

Just like other options, you have to undergo multiple laser treatment sessions to reap positive results. Getting the hair removed completely through this method will take several months.

Chemical depilation

Remove Hair Permanently

The treatment can be done using creams you can find over the counter. You can apply this cream to the body to weaken the protein known as keratin.

This will wipe off the hair. However, depilation will target mainly the hair’s surface, and the hair will start to grow after a few weeks. It is a cost-effective option.

Ensure to use the cream in the area having heavy hair growth. However, before using the chemical depilation cream, you should do a patch test on a small body area.


It is a painful process but will remove the hair from the roots. The two twisted threads are rolled over the hair you want to remove. However, threading is best used only for shaping the eyebrows.

It plucks the hair briskly and never lets it grow for 4 to 5 weeks.


Be it men or women, hair on different areas of the body is typical for everyone. There are many options available to remove the hair.

Above are a few options we have suggested. You can take time and choose the option that suits you the best to remove unwanted hair. However, no option gives you 100% results. You can also get in touch with a dermatologist to find the best one that suits your skin type. 

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