How to Know if Your Wife Is Cheating


Cheating among married couples has become quite prevalent in recent years. In one recent survey, about 15% of wives admitted to cheating on their partners. Knowing how to tell if your wife is cheating can be remarkably challenging, especially if you’re unaware of the telltale signs of cheating.

Read on to learn about the most common signs your wife is cheating on you.

What Should You Pay Attention To?

If you suspect that your wife is cheating, there are a couple of indicators that can help you know for sure. Let’s discuss six cheating wife signs that you should look out for:

  • She’s unreachable for lengthy periods

Does your wife ghost you for hours on end without any valid explanation? Chances are she’s spending time with her clandestine lover. She might even decide to switch off her phone or turn on Silent Mode to avoid any interruptions when she’s cheating. 

  • She chooses to go out without you

So, how do you know if your wife is cheating? If she chooses to spend most of her leisure time partying with friends or hanging out with other people, then she could be cheating. 

  • Frequent white lies

It’s not uncommon for couples to conceal the truth every now and then. But when your wife starts divulging too many white lies, then she probably has something to hide. It’s probably wise to investigate who she’s seeing. 

  • Drastic changes in her wardrobe and grooming habits

Another telltale sign of a wife who’s cheating is a sudden wardrobe upgrade. She might start wearing better clothes, change her cologne or even sign up for gym classes to attract a potential love interest.

  • Regular work trips during the weekend

Has your wife been spending most of her weekends on business trips and excursions? Perhaps she’s been coming home later than usual. If so, she could be spending time with her secret crush. 

  • She suddenly demands more privacy

Most married couples feel comfortable sharing their devices, account passwords, and so on. If your wife suddenly becomes cagey, sets passcodes on her devices, and picks calls in a different room, then she might be cheating on you.

Is My Wife Cheating? How to Know for Sure

If you’re strongly convinced that your wife is cheating, using a dedicated tracking app to monitor their phone activity could help you gather sufficient evidence of their infidelity.


Eyezy is a remarkable spy app that allows users to log into someone’s Instagram without them being notified or to discover other people’s smartphone activity. It reveals your target user’s call logs, emails, social media chats, and more.

If you want to catch your unfaithful wife red-handed, these features from Eyezy will come in handy:

  • Messengers Monitor. Eyezy is equipped with a social media tracker that can display your wife’s sent, received, and deleted messages on popular messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Kik, and Instagram. This app also reveals the recipient’s info and shared MMS files.
  • Call Log Monitor. You can also view her call logs using Eyezy to discover who she’s been frequently calling. Apart from disclosing the caller’s identity, this spy app will also show you the call duration and timestamps.
  • GPS Location Tracker. Once installed on the target device, Eyezy can also track your wife’s whereabouts throughout the day. It’s equipped with a GPS tracker that displays accurate location details on a map.
  • Wi-Fi Networks Tracker. Want to catch your wife cheating? Eyezy can disclose all the Wi-Fi hotspots that your wife’s device has connected to recently. This information is usually displayed on the Control Panel.
  • Screen recorder. This tracking app also comes with a built-in screen recorder that takes regular snapshots of your target’s phone and stores them for your review.

So You Caught Her Cheating: What Next?

Once you gather enough proof of her infidelity, you’ll find yourself wondering: why is my wife cheating on me? It’s important to understand that the reason most women cheat is physical and emotional neglect from their husbands.

Rather than acting with anger, make sure you cool off and try getting into the right headspace. Understand that things happen for a reason, and trust that you’re a good husband.

The path to reconciliation and healing can only start with forgiveness. Figure out whether you can learn to trust her again and be patient with her. You can also choose to visit a marriage therapist if you require some professional help.


Learning how to tell if your wife is cheating isn’t easy ─ it helps to use some tried-and-true methods to catch her. Fortunately, there are dozens of spy apps that can do that job. After conducting some research, we’ve found Eyezy to be the best tracking app in the market today.


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