Live Dealer – Virtual Reality Finally Brings The Atmosphere of the Table Home

Online gambling continues to be at the epicenter of technological development. Few industries can boast the openness of the gambling industry over the last 15 to 20 years when it comes to embracing new technology.

Although not everyone in the industry welcomes technological change with open arms, it has driven enough pioneers within the gambling sector to innovate.

This innovation shows just how crucial technology is to the current success of the industry we see today.

The Evolution of Technology in Digital Gambling

It feels like another lifetime ago when gambling companies first entered the brave new digital world. Back then, the internet involved dial-up connections, slow-loading screens and expensive home PCs that few people owned.

Back in the late 20th century, there were no smartphones, and many people were concerned about the safety risks the internet posed when entering their credit card information.

Over time, as the internet became cheaper, faster and more accessible and smartphones started to dominate the online gambling sphere, millions of people quickly warmed to the idea and the convenience of gambling this way.

In 2024, this technology has transformed the gambling industry and society forever. However, as we alluded to in our introduction, the gambling industry doesn’t sit around counting their chips and resting on their laurels.

Virtual Reality Casino Gaming – Can It Stand the Test of Time?

Virtual reality (VR) dominated headlines back in 2021, primarily due to immense investment from the likes of Apple and Meta.

Although this initial hysteria quickly died down once people saw the price of the headsets, there’s been a second wind primarily because time has brought the cost of the devices down considerably.

Digital gambling companies relentlessly seek out new ways for bettors to play casino games, and VR is the latest, unique frontier where they believe there will be a success, attracting a new brand of casino gamer.

BetMGM is one of the most prominent names in casino gaming to explore this avenue. Having become highly established before the internet, they have shifted their online operations toward mobile app casino gaming and witnessed great success through their digital platforms.

VR gaming is aiming to be the final frontier that bridges the gap between land-based and digital casino gaming.

Although the land-based market has held up better than expected, VR offers a channel which is different to both.

Experts agree that it certainly accommodates more for land-based casino gamers looking to go digital, rather than the other way around.

BetMGM sportsbook have made significant in-roads in getting ahead of the competition and becoming one of the top betting sites in this category, but there’s still a long journey to go for it to become financially viable or achieve mass popularity.

They’ve announced plans to branch out into virtual reality betting, including virtual casino floors, dealers and much more — but what does this mean for the average player?

The Golden Ticket

Although some analysts thought that the emergence of online casino gaming would wipe out the land-based industry, many bettors will still seek out this type of betting.

Frequently, land-based casinos can still bring in an audience due to the atmosphere a live environment offers and the interaction with a live dealer.

Although casino game developers are increasingly finding ways to improve these elements via mobile app gambling and other forms, there’s still a disconnect.

While this disconnect exists, land-based casinos will have a unique element that still attracts crowds of people.

However, VR headsets now explore the possibility of walking around a digital casino floor, recreating that atmosphere and still allowing bettors to speak to live dealers.

As far as game-changing elements are concerned, few technological innovations in recent memory could have the potential to change the digital casino industry so profoundly.

Reasons Why VR Is Here To Stay

The multibillion-dollar investment that has flowed into the sector means there’s now a heightened awareness and increased interest in all things metaverse and VR-related.

Despite the sector shrinking in the short term, Mark Zuckerberg’s conviction in the promise of the sector remains unshaken. So much so that he has essentially changed his company name from Facebook to Meta, showing that he believes we are on the verge of something extraordinary.

In wider gaming, Sony has also invested a lot of money into VR, as they have been generating new versions of their PlayStation 5.

BetMGM isn’t the only casino company riding this growing trend that Meta, Sony, Apple and Amazon all have a vested interest in.

Many other top names within the industry are also eyeing up their options for VR casino gamers.

While it might be hard to say at the moment whether this could be the beginning of a seismic change, the money and interest do appear to indicate that there are signs for gambling operators to pay attention to.


The final component for many land-based casino gamers revolves around the fact that digital companies cannot replicate the atmosphere of a brick-and-mortar casino.

However, with virtual reality now unlocking the door and bringing this possibility to the table, land-based casinos might feel a threat they haven’t faced since the emergence of the internet and online gambling itself.

Ultimately, the real crunch time will be when bettors first try out the technology — particularly those who are averse to gambling online anyway and prefer the land-based casino atmosphere.

If the technology is advanced enough to woo these customers and bring them on board, then it could cause a considerable change in the numbers at land-based casinos — and they too might have to adapt to a VR-first approach to continue operating a successful business model.

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