Online Games Move Towards More Secure Payment Options

In the world of online gaming, there is often a need to make payments¾whether that’s to buy console games, buy games from Steam, or deposit money at an online casino or sportsbook.

Because of the prevalence of online gaming and online payments, online security features have improved to prevent fraud and protect people’s payment details.

Below, we’ll take a look at what new security features and secure payment options are being used in the world of online gaming and why this is needed.

New Security Features and Types of Secure Payments

Long gone are the days when online payment security was an afterthought¾now, security is a priority and this has paved the way for developments in numerous technologies, such as PayID, 2FA, and biometrics, which we’ll explore below.


PayID is a relatively newer payment method released in 2018 that gives users a unique identifier to make payments. This essentially stops fraud as you can’t make the payment without that UID.

Transactions are also incredibly fast, thanks to its reliable payment method, and we are seeing this payment method being accepted by PayID sports betting sites like bet365, Palmer Bet, and Blue Bet.

The platform is still in its infancy, but we can expect more betting platforms to follow suit, and this should pave the way for wider acceptance, too.


There are many types of two-factor authentication that provide greater payment security, with one of the more prominent options being SMS 2FA. The premise is simple¾you go to make a payment in an online game, the game sends a unique code via SMS to your registered smartphone, and you then have to enter that code on your computer or console.

The idea is that fraud is impossible because only you can get that unique code from your smartphone.

Biometric Authentication

I, personally, have yet to use any biometric authentication, but it is becoming incredibly popular for payments in general and online gaming payments.

Biometric authentication uses a form of unique identification of yourself, such as your fingerprint scan or facial recognition, to authorize payments.

This is essentially foolproof as everyone’s fingerprint and facial features are unique, so there is no real way to fool this type of authentication. Biometrics is mainly used for smartphone online gaming and transactions, unless your computer has a webcam that is capable of facial recognition.

Third-party App Authentication

Lastly, a rise in the use of third-party authentication apps, like Google Authenticator and Authy, has been seen. These work in a similar manner to SMS 2FA but instead of receiving a text message, you have to log on to your authenticator app to generate an authentication code.

This adds an additional layer of security as you usually have to perform some type of authentication to initially log in to the app.

The downside is the additional time it takes to make a payment, but apps like Authy and Google Authenticator can be installed on your smartphone. Therefore, you could have the app open on your smartphone while making a payment on your Xbox, PsS5, or laptop without much hassle.

Enabling 2FA for Card Payments

You don’t always have to use a specific payment method for your online gaming endeavors. Instead, just contact your bank provider and make sure that you have advanced security features available.

Oftentimes, your debit card or credit card provider should be able to allow you to use 2FA for any payments.

For example, with one of my own debit cards, I have set it so I have to use a card reader to authenticate the payment. Sure, it takes a little longer, but I know that because I’m the only one with the card reader and my bank card, my account is effectively protected.

Why Security is Important for Online Gaming Payments

You may wonder why I am making all this thus about online payments for gaming. Well, with the way that modern gaming has progressed, and the prevalence of online casinos and sportsbooks, you have to be vigilant. If you are a gamer or a bettor, at some point you are going to have to make an online payment, so it’s wise to protect yourself.

The increase in online payments for gaming has ultimately increased, matching cybercriminal activity¾cybercriminals look for ways to make use of your payment details and transactions in nefarious ways, including

  • Account fraud to make payments in your name
  • Stealing of payment details
  • Accidental payments

By using the security measures and payment methods outlined above, you should be able to avoid any of this happening and always be able to make payments with 100% peace of mind.

Keep Your Bank Details Secure and Use These Payment Features

If you are making an online gaming purchase¾whether that’s something trivial like a microtransaction on a mobile game, a deposit at your favorite online sportsbook, or a new game purchase from Steam¾we’d urge you to take your payment security seriously and look to use a secure payment method or advanced authentication.

As a bare minimum, we’d recommend enabling 2FA for your online payments. This makes sure that your payment details are safe and that no one else can make payments from your account.

Where possible, make use of advanced payment methods like PayID, or use biometrics if your smartphone or computer has the capabilities. Stay vigilant and protect your online world!

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