Icy Metal BG3: How to Find and Use it?

As you journey through the fantastical world of Baldur’s Gate 3, you will undoubtedly stumble across a myriad of materials and items, each with its own unique properties and potential uses.

One such item, the enigmatic Icy Metal, stands out for its rarity and critical role in the crafting of a powerful staff.

Allow us to guide you through the captivating realm of Baldur’s Gate 3 as we unveil the secrets of Icy Metal: where to find it, its specific uses, and invaluable tips to enhance your adventure.

What is Icy Metal in BG3?

Icy Metal BG3

Icy Metal is a rare and valuable material that can be found scattered throughout the world of Baldur’s Gate 3.

It is known for its distinctive icy blue color and shimmering surface, making it easily recognizable to keen-eyed adventurers.

This precious metal possesses unique magical properties that make it highly sought after by crafters and merchants alike.

It is one of the three pieces of the Mourning Frost staff. The other two items are Icy Crystal and Icy Helves.

Icy Metal BG3: Specifications

Icy Metal is more than just a mundane piece of iron; it contains within it the essence of frost, visible through specks and a chilling veneer across its surface.

In the immersive world of Baldur’s Gate 3, this chunky piece of iron plays an integral role as an ingredient and item.

  • Weight: 0.2 Kg
  • Price: 60 Gp
  • Rarity: Common
  • Category: Miscellaneous Items
  • Item ID: f79d3766-ad9b-1eb1-9277-a0ee2d068088

How to Find and Use Icy Metal in BG3?

The quest for Icy Metal in BG3 often takes our heroes to the Myconid colony’s vault.

Here, within the depths of the Myconid enclave, players can navigate the treacherous terrain to find a Drow’s body.

Icy Metal can also be found by looting from Xargrim. We have explained both methods below to find it.

Myconid’s Treasure Grove

  1. To access the burial site of the Drow, players must first embark on a trail marked by vengeance.
  2. Myconid’s treasure grove becomes accessible after completing Sovereign Spaw’s quest, leaving behind a series of felled Duergar slavers.
  3. As the dust settles, a sandbox of treasures and lore awaits, the foremost among them the Icy Metal, glistening with the cold touch of potential.

Looting Xargrim to Get Icy Metal in BG3

  1. Find the Ebonlake Grotto.
  2. Complete the quest “Defeat the Duergar Intruders”. This will unlock a secret area in the Grotto.
  3. Go to the secret area. If you haven’t completed the quest, you can unlock the area by using a magic spell called “Knock”.
  4. Look for Xargrim the Pale Corpse. You’ll find him at the specific coordinates X: 50 and Y: 75 within the secret area.
  5. Loot Xargrim. You’ll find some special items along with Icy Metal.

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Notes and Tips for Icy Metal

Despite its common categorization, the Icy Metal in BG3 is anything but mere trinketry. It is a vital component of the Mourning Frost staff, contributing to its power and prestige.

With an item ID of f79d3766-ad9b-1eb1-9277-a0ee2d068088, the Icy Metal is uniquely linked to crafting the Mourning Frost, making it a staple for any player looking to broaden their arsenal and strategic advantage in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Additional Details and Tips

Exploration is the lifeblood of Baldur’s Gate 3. As such, players may encounter Icy Metal in various other locations, often under different circumstances and requirements.

For instance, looting Xargrim the Pale’s corpse in the Ebonlake Grotto rewards players with the Icy Metal in BG3.

This secret lies within a cavern, unlocked only by completing the quest ‘Defeat the Duergar Intruders’ or casting the empowering ‘Knock’ spell.

Understanding the conditions and prerequisites for acquiring Icy Metal can sometimes lead to even rarer finds.

For instance, quest-related access to the Myconid’s treasure grove not only guarantees the presence of Icy Metal but also grants the player access to a plethora of additional loot and resources.

It goes without saying that embarking on quests that seem daunting can yield the greatest rewards.

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Icy Metal in BG3 represents a pivotal turn in any player’s journey. Its use in the crafting of the Mourning Frost staff endows it with legendary significance, serving as a reminder that even the most unassuming items can lead to the mightiest of triumphs.

Understanding where to find Icy Metal and how to use it brings players a step closer to mastering the intricate web of crafting, combat, and conquest that defines the world of Baldur’s Gate 3.

As we shared in this blog, may you forge ahead with the knowledge and tools to amplify your experience and victories in this compelling RPG adventure.

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