What Are Mobile Proxies and How Do They Work?

Imagine surfing the internet to find information related to a certain product in a particular region but only getting blocked from the official website. The message, “Your IP Has Been Blocked,” isn’t something we look forward to every day.

However, there is always a way out not to see it ever, and that is by using a proxy. A proxy is an intermediary that connects your computer system with a webpage server, hides your IP address, and maintains your anonymity.

There are many types of proxies available. A mobile proxy is one of them. Take a look at all the ways it can benefit you.

What Is a Mobile Proxy Server?

Mobile Proxy Server

To understand how a mobile proxy works, you must first know about a proxy. What is it, and why has its use become incredibly extensive in just a few years?

A proxy is a middleman that connects your computer system with the desired website. Suppose you want to explore a regional website in Thailand. But due to your IP address being outside Thailand, you get blocked from viewing any content in that region.

Instead of feeling disappointed, use a proxy. This technology can help cover your true identity with another IP address, saving you from getting recognized.

As a result, the destined webpage accepts your request sent via a proxy, allowing you to use the data on the website.

A proxy is not only great for individuals but works as an excellent tool for organizations looking to increase their portfolio, market potential, or target customers.

A mobile proxy is one of the types of proxies that helps you surf the internet without any restriction. Instead of a VPN or a residential IP address, a mobile proxy has an IP address assigned to a real mobile device. The proxy works as a getaway that masks your real address and makes it look as if you are connected to mobile data.

Mobile IPs are provided by various mobile network carriers. These carriers usually have access to thousands of IP addresses. This can be a downside as the IP addresses assigned are not unique and can benefit anyone who may want to hide their intentions on the internet.

A mobile proxy performs quite similarly to residential proxies. It assigns a particular IP to a network. This IP belongs to a mobile data network, hence the name.

You don’t need to have a tablet or a mobile phone to use this proxy. You can use any device as long as the proxy can be set up on your device.

Can You Use Mobile Proxies?

Interestingly, there are many use cases of mobile proxies. Among them, the prominent one is web scraping.

Web scraping is a process that uses bots to crawl a website and extract all the information you require. It automatically extracts data from a website, formats it, and then copies it to a preferred format.

Web scraping can use a mobile proxy to hide your IP address, allowing you to easily access the data without the fear of getting blocked. A proxy helps your spider crawl reliably without getting banned.

Other than that, using a mobile proxy is a solution to all privacy issues you face on the internet.

Whether you visit a website or read an email, every activity performed is tracked. This is a crucial issue, especially if you are uncomfortable exposing your personal details to a third party.

To save you from getting exposed unnecessarily, a mobile proxy hides your original IP address, making you appear as someone you may not be. It masks your identity so that you can care less about your security.

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Are Mobile Proxies Better than Residential Proxies?

Both proxies have their individual benefits and downsides. The major difference lies with their IP addresses.

A mobile proxy has an IP address from a mobile device. But residential proxies use IP addresses that are assigned to real residential computers.

These two proxies are not cheaper than data center proxies. However, they are much better at providing you with tight security and online anonymity.

When selecting the right proxy, you may want to assess your use and budget before picking an option.


If you are tired of getting blocked on the internet now and then, get a mobile proxy and make your search easy. This proxy can be your number one companion and help you perform easy online surfing without restrictions or exposing your real identity

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