What is MyZmanim and How to Use it?

In today’s busy world, staying connected to religious practices can sometimes be a challenge.

Whether we’re traveling, planning events, or simply navigating our daily routines, it’s essential to have a reliable tool that helps us maintain our prayer schedules accurately.

That’s where MyZmanim comes in.

In this blog post, we’ll explore what MyZmanim is, its key features, and how you can use it to enhance your religious practice.

What is MyZmanim?

What is MyZmanim?

MyZmanim is an online platform and app that provides accurate and real-time information about the daily prayer times, Shabbat candle lighting times, and other important religious observances for Jews worldwide.

It was created by Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weissman in 2007 to help individuals stay connected to their religious practices regardless of their location.

This platform provides the following data for the searched location:

  • Current Time
  • Dawn
  • Earliest talis & tefillin 
  • Sunrise
  • Latest shema Magen Avraham
  • Latest shema Gra & Baal HaTanya
  • Latest shachris Gra & Baal HaTanya   
  • Midday  
  • Earliest mincha
  • Plag hamincha
  • Sunset
  • Nightfall – 3 stars emerge
  • Nightfall – 72 minutes

How to Use MyZmanim

Using MyZmanim is simple and user-friendly. Here’s a step-by-step guide on accessing and utilizing this powerful tool:

  1. Download MyZmanim from your device’s app store or visit their website.
  1. Open the app or website and allow it to access your location for accurate zmanim.
  2. Enter your location in the searchbar and click on Search button.
  3. Customize the settings according to your preferences. You can choose your specific halachic opinions, preferred calculation methods, and notifications for prayer times.
  4. Explore the various features, such as viewing times for sunrise, sunset, candle lighting, and more.
  5. Set reminders for prayer times to ensure you never miss a prayer.

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MyZmanim Use Case Scenarios


When you’re on the move, keeping track of prayer times can often become confusing, especially with changing time zones.

MyZmanim alleviates this challenge by providing accurate zmanim based on your location.

You can rely on this platform to help you maintain your prayer schedule no matter where you are. 

Event Planning

Planning an event, particularly one that incorporates religious traditions, requires meticulous attention to detail.

MyZmanim becomes an invaluable tool in ensuring that your event’s schedule aligns perfectly with the zmanim.

Whether you’re organizing a wedding, bar mitzvah, or any other significant event, it helps you stay on track and ensures that your guests can comfortably observe their religious practices.

Daily Routine

For individuals who structure their daily routines around prayer times, this online service offers an easy and reliable way to access accurate zmanim.

You can count on MyZmanim to provide you with the precise prayer times for your location. This allows you to plan your day effectively and ensure that you never miss an important prayer.

MyZmanim Features and Benefits

  • Accurate zmanim based on your location.
  • Customizable settings to align with your specific halachic opinions.
  • Reminders for prayer times.
  • Additional features like sunrise, sunset, and candle lighting times.

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Maintaining a consistent prayer schedule is essential for individuals practicing their faith. MyZmanim provides a user-friendly and reliable solution for accurately tracking zmanim.

It offers the convenience and accuracy you need to stay connected to your religious obligations regardless of your location.

Make this app a part of your daily practice and experience the peace of mind that comes with an organized and seamless prayer schedule.

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