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6 Effective Instagram Marketing Strategies

Instagram usage has more than doubled over the years. With slightly over 2 Billion monthly users,  many brands now leverage a surge in the number of users to generate sales for their business.

While there are many brands that have become successful thanks to Instagram’s marketing features, not everyone can achieve success on the platform.

It is against this backdrop that this article aims to share helpful tips that brands can try out to get the best out of Instagram marketing.

Therefore if you have a  new business and are wondering how you can grow your portfolio, Instagram is an ideal option. What are the key Instagram marketing strategies? We dive into the details!

1. The Use of Hashtags


The use of hashtags is a powerful metric that many brands are now using to reach out to specific audiences. Generally, hashtags not only make it easy for users to find your content but also improve the visibility of your content on Instagram.

Even though there are many hashtags that you can dive into to promote your content, they have to be relevant to your brand.

For example, if you are in the restaurant industry, you mainly have to use hashtags within the industry. If not then your hashtag strategy may not add value to your Instagram marketing strategy.

When you use the wrong hashtags, you may not get a high rate of engagement on your posts. This is because Instagram users are less likely to engage with your content. In the long run, you stand a chance to lose on crucial user statistics.

It is therefore necessary to avoid using irrelevant hashtags so that you remain on top of the game. Posts with less relevant hashtags generate the highest engagement. As such, it is important to always search for the right hashtags before using them.

2. Use Direct Messages

Use Direct Messages

Instagram allows users to send direct messages to other users. This makes it easy for brands to engage with customers one-on-one. However, it is important to note when you should engage with customers through direct messages.

Some of the scenarios that may prompt you to send messages to customers include;

  • Responding to a customer query
  • If a user expresses concerns about your product or services.
  • If you intend to share discounts with users

Understanding when you should engage with the target audience through direct messages is important to avoid annoying behavior. This not only risks your reputation but also increases the potential of getting a backlash from customers.

Therefore we encourage you to understand when it is necessary to send a DM to potential customers to restore a good relationship with the target audience.

While sending a  DM may be frowned upon in some quarters, it is a great way of showing the human side of your brand. In this regard, users are likely to trust and engage with your posts once they realize that you are ready to engage with them.

Interacting with customers directly plays a central role in building trust with the target audience. This is because it gives your profile a sense of human touch which is critical for growth.

3. Instagram Stories

Instagram stories

Instagram stories are a popular feature that users now leverage to share video clips and photo slides. The major benefit of Instagram stories is that they are usually displayed on top of followers’ Instagram feeds.

Therefore Instagram stories are not only important in inducing engagement but also boost visibility compared to ordinary posts. Plus stories come with an array of features that are not available through ordinary posts. Such features include;

  • Ability to draw on photos
  • Add  emojis and premade stickers
  • Create  polls that  users  can interact with

The features enable Instagram users to get creative, unlike other standard posts that you may not be able to do much with them.

4. The Use of Lifestyle Photos To Promote Your Products

The use of lifestyle content in promoting your brand plays a central role in building trust with the target audience. This means sharing images of people using your products or their experience in engaging with your brand.

Since  Instagram is visually heavy, it is important to put more focus on visual content. If you intend to  increase  engagement,  you  should try  to  go  beyond

The current  Instagram user statistics indicate that the platform controls one of the largest number of users. For example, you can leverage the use of user-generated content to build trust with the target audience.

However, while  posting user-generated content on  Instagram   may be a  great  way of building customer  confidence,

5. Leverage Instagram Live Feature

Instagram Live Features

There are many ways a brand can engage with the target audience through live streaming. This not only plays a critical role in building trust with the target audience but also gives the business a human touch.

If used properly,  you stand a chance to appeal to the target audience which is a critical ingredient in building a strong brand portfolio.

For example, you can showcase behind-the-scenes aspects of your business. This may include the unveiling of a new product, promoting special offers, or a tutorial on how to use a certain product.

For better results with Instagram Live, it is important to start by promoting the live stream in advance before you start.

This makes it easy for followers to create time and watch your content. If not then you may not be able to achieve the intended objective.

To avoid running into trouble with followers, you can opt to filter inappropriate comments from appearing on the screen during live streaming.

This saves you from the danger of dealing with uncouth followers who may have a hidden agenda, especially rivals who may sponsor other users to discredit your brand or services.

6. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the most powerful strategies that many brands are now using to build their business portfolio.

Generally, influencers command a strong following that you can leverage to promote your brand and build trust with the target audience.

The good news about influencer marketing is that they have a loyal fan base. This means they are likely to engage and buy your products. In fact, if you are just starting with Instagram marketing, you can leverage the services of influencers to create brand awareness.

However, not all influencers may add value to your brand. As such, it is important to partner with influencers in your niche. This is the most effective strategy that you can leverage to grow your brand portfolio.

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Instagram marketing may be challenging if you fail to get it right. As such, you need to roll out an effective marketing strategy so that you can get the best out of  Instagram marketing. If not, then you may not be able to achieve much with Instagram marketing.

The good news about Instagram marketing is that it is cost-effective. Whether you are working on a  budget or not, you can easily execute a  successful Instagram marketing strategy without breaking the bank.

Therefore whether you have an established business or are new to digital marketing, Instagram comes with great features that you can leverage to take your business to the next level.

Besides building a strong brand portfolio, Instagram marketing can help you reach out to a wider scope of audience. In the long run, you not only stand a chance to grow your brand portfolio but also build trust with the target audience.

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