Azur Lane Tier List: Best Ships Ranked 2023

Welcome to our Azur Lane Tier List for the year 2023!

Azur Lane is a popular mobile game that features a unique blend of strategy and role-playing elements.

Players collect and upgrade a fleet of ships, each with their unique abilities, and then use them to battle their way through the game’s many challenging missions.

With so many ships to choose from, it can be difficult to know which ones are the best to use in battle.

In this blog post, we will be ranking the top ships in Azur Lane based on their performance in battle and providing tips on how to use them effectively.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in and discover the best ships in Azur Lane for the year 2023.

Azur Lane Tier List

Azur Lane: Tier Categories

The Azur Lane is one of the most playable games in the market. It has numberless battle ships with different abilities. These ships lie in different tiers and we are going to describe all those tiers.

There are about 5 different tiers in the game. These tiers contain the ships according to their abilities. These tiers are explained below.

  • S+ and S
  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D

These are the tier categories. Let us discuss the tiers and ships one by one.

Azur Lane Tier Categories

Azur Lane Tier List: S+, S-Tier Ships

S+ and S-tier ships are the top-rated ships in the game. They are known for their high damage and special abilities.

They can easily take down the most powerful enemies with getting less damage. These ships are very effective in battlegrounds and don’t require any extra grindings, customizations, and further upgrades.

This tier category is also known as the rarest category of ships on the battlefield.

The ships that lie in Azur Lane Tier List of this category are listed below.

1Helena Light Cruiser, VanguardEagle Union
2Duke of YorkBattleship, BacklineRoyal Navy
3MinneapolisHeavy Cruiser, VanguardEagle Union
4I-13Submarine Carrier, BacklineSakura Empire
5U-47Submarine, SupportIronblood
6Ning Hai RetrofitLight Cruiser, VanguardEastern Radiance
7Yat-Sen RetrofitLight Cruiser, VanguardEastern Radiance
8Ping Hai RetrofitLight Cruiser, VanguardEastern Radiance
9Ayanami Destroyer, VanguardSakura Empire
10UnicornLight Aircraft Carrier, BacklineRoyal Navy
11CentaurLight Aircraft Carrier, BacklineRoyal Navy
12EssexAircraft Carrier, BacklineEagle Union
13EnterpriseAircraft Carrier, BacklineEagle Union
14NagatoBattleship, BacklineSakura Empire
15GascogneBattleship, BacklineVichya Dominion
16GeorgiaBattleship, BacklineEagle Union
17SeattleLight Cruiser, VanguardEagle Union
18Friedrich der GrosseBattleship, BacklineIronblood
19AzumaLarge Cruiser, VanguardSakura Empire
20Warspite RetrofitBattleship, BacklineRoyal Navy
21MonarchBattleship, BacklineRoyal Navy
22RoonHeavy Cruiser, VanguardIronblood
23San Diego RetrofitLight Cruiser, VanguardEagle Union
24YukikazeDestroyer, VanguardSakura Empire
25AkashiRepair Ship, BacklineSakura Empire
Azur Lane S+, S-Tier Ships

Azur Lane Tier List: A-Tier Ships

A-tier Ships can compete with the S tier Ships very well. However, the reason behind its low ranking and not including them in the S or S+ category is there are some flaws in them.

They need some grinding and a few upgrades to work if we compare them to S tier ones.

The updated Azur Lane Tier List with the A-tier Ships are listed below.

1WashingtonBattleship, BacklineEagle Union
2HoodBattle Cruiser, BacklineRoyal Navy
3U-101Submarine, SupportIronblood
4I-168Submarine, SupportSakura Empire
5King George VBattleship, BacklineRoyal Navy
6BismarckBattleship, BacklineIronblood
7Portland RetrofitHeavy Cruiser, VanguardEagle Union
8Saratoga RetrofitAircraft Carrier, BacklineEagle Union
9IllustriousAircraft Carrier, BacklineRoyal Navy
10SwiftsureLight Cruiser, VanguardRoyal Navy
11Graf ZeppelinAircraft Carrier, BacklineIronblood
12Bunker HillAircraft Carrier, Backline Eagle Union
13MikasaBattleship, BacklineSakura Empire
14KitakazeDestroyer, VanguardSakura Empire
15Laffey RetrofitDestroyer, VanguardEagle Union
16Z23 RetrofitDestroyer, VanguardIronblood
17VestalRepair Ship, BacklineEagle Union
18Jintsuu RetrofitLight Cruiser, VanguardSakura Empire
19Mogami RetrofitHeavy Cruiser, VanguardSakura Empire
20Jean BartBattleship, BacklineVichya Dominion
21Saint LouisHeavy Cruiser, VanguardIris Libre
22Montpelier Light Cruiser, VanguardEagle Union
23NeptuneLight Cruiser, VanguardRoyal Navy
24EldridgeDestroyer, VanguardEagle Union
Azur Lane A-Tier Ships

Azur Lane Tier List: B-Tier Ships

The mid-range ships lie in the B-Tier. Depending on their performances they are considered average than the previously explained categories.

These ships require more grinding and upgrades for casual players who want a challenge.

The B-Tier ships list of Azur Lane:

1Z1 RetrofitDestroyer, VanguardIronblood
2JavelinDestroyer, VanguardRoyal Navy
3Little BelLight Cruiser, VanguardRoyal Navy
4AuroraLight Cruiser, VanguardRoyal Navy
5Queen ElizabethBattleship, BacklineRoyal Navy
6U-81Submarine, Support Ironblood
7Hyuuga RetrofitAviation Battleship, BacklineSakura Empire
8ShouhouLight Aircraft Carrier, BacklineSakura Empire
9Ark RoyalAircraft Carrier, Backline Royal Navy
10Kizuna AIDestroyer, VanguardKizuna AI
11IzumoBattleship, BacklineSakura Empire
12Elegant Kizuna AI Heavy Cruiser, VanguardKizuna AI
13Ibuki  Heavy Cruiser, VanguardSakura Empire
14AlbacoreSubmarine, SupportEagle Union
15ClevelandLight Cruiser, VanguardEagle Union
16ColumbiaLight Cruiser, Elite Eagle Union
17Nicholas RetrofitDestroyer, VanguardEagle Union
18I-19Submarine, SupportSakura Empire
19KagaAircraft Carrier, BacklineSakura Empire
Azur Lane B-Tier Ships

Azur Lane Tier List: C-Tier Ships

The Azur Lane C-Tier Ships can give a good start to beginners and can enhance their gaming experience. They are not very difficult to unlock. Newcomers can unlock this tier ships with no difficulty.

These are below-average ships and require more grinding and upgrades than the others.

1Curlew RetrofitLight Cruiser, VanguardRoyal Navy
2HiryuuAircraft Carrier, BacklineSakura Empire
3SouryuuAircraft Carrier, BacklineSakura Empire
4LondonHeavy Cruiser, VanguardRoyal Navy
5WichitaHeavy Cruiser, VanguardEagle Union
6Curacoa RetrofitLight Cruiser- Vanguard Royal Navy
7Newcastle RetrofitLight Cruiser- Vanguard Royal Navy
8Kagerou RetrofitDestroyer, VanguardSakura Empire
9TanikazeDestroyer, VanguardSakura Empire
10Sendai RetrofitLight Cruiser, VanguardSakura Empire
11FumiruiruAircraft Carrier, BacklineUtawarerumono
12Anniversary Kizuna AAircraft Carrier, BacklineKizuna Ai
13TaihouAircraft Carrier, BacklineSakura Empire
14Prinz EugenHeavy Cruiser, VanguarIronblood
15BelfastLight Cruiser, VanguardRoyal Navy
16KawakazeDestroyer, VanguardSakura Empire
17SiriusLight Cruiser, VanguardRoyal Navy
18AkagiAircraft Carrier, BacklineSakura Empire
19ZuikakuAircraft Carrier, Backline Sakura Empire
20ShoukakuAircraft Carrier, BacklineSakura Empire
21Shangri-LaAircraft Carrier, BacklineEagle Union
Azur Lane C-Tier Ships

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Azur Lane Tier List: D-Tier Ships

The least average ships in the game are D-Tier Ships. They can’t perform well and can’t save you in the field.

It is not recommended for newcomers and for veterans. They are the ships only by name in the game.

Here is the Azur Lane D-tier ships list. 

1IzuzuLight Cruiser- VanguardSakura Empire
2ZeppyAircraft Carrier- Backline Ironblood
3ChaserLight Aircraft Carrier- BacklineRoyal Navy
4AmagiBattle Cruiser, BacklineSakura Empire
5ArizonaBattleship, BacklineEagle Union
6North CarolinaBattleship, BacklineEagle Union
7TirpitzBattleship, BacklineIronblood
Azur Lane D-Tier Ships

Here are the lists of all the ships in Azur Lane Tier as per their performances and abilities.

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Wrapping it up

Azur Lane is a game that offers a wide variety of ships for players to collect and command.

These ships are divided into different tiers based on their relative power and effectiveness in battle.

We have discussed the top-rated S+ and S-tier ships, which are known for their high damage and special abilities.

We have also listed the A-tier, B-tier, C-tier, and D-tier ships, which are also strong but may require a bit more work to optimize their performance.

Knowing the different tiers and the ships that belong in each category can help players make strategic decisions when building and upgrading their fleets.

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