Online casino trends expected for 2024

Changes rarely happen overnight in any industry, and even though the technology industry continues to pioneer and bulldoze its way into almost every element of our lives, these changes often take time.

While AI and ChatGPT might have been the big news of 2022 and remained in the spotlight throughout the last 12 months, they haven’t yet had the colossal impact that many anticipated would come not long after.

Although this change will inevitably be on the horizon through the next decade and beyond, the modern-day landscape, especially for casino gaming, involves using this technology to provide bettors with the best potential user experience.

Below, we discuss what trends we expect to see emerging in reliable online casino review sites over the next year:

Mobile app dominance

In casino gaming and design, all roads lead to mobile app gaming. If you’re a casino gamer, you’ll have likely checked out smartphone and tablet gaming, and if you’ve been around for a decade or longer, you’ll likely remember the switch from desktop gaming to mobile apps that occurred in the mid-2010s.

While top desktop casino sites are still visited by plenty of players, the convenient format and being able to play on the move has highlighted the appeal of mobile app gaming.

The trends we expect to see in 2024 will almost exclusively revolve around mobile app gaming. More money is piling into the industry, and as the numbers of people playing via this method continue to rise, designers are rising to the challenge themselves.

They are constantly looking for ways to make the process even more engaging for casino gamers.

This is a growing trend in the gaming industry. Although video console gamers have been buoyed by the incredible news that GTA 6 will be released in 2025, the overall feeling is that the industry will continue to see more mobile games. The casino gaming sector is driving a significant portion of that rhetoric.

Increased security focus

The security of mobile online casino gaming is a big pull; the minimal iOS security issues encountered over the last two decades are quickly examined and dealt with by Apple.

If you input your credit card or bank information and send and withdraw payments, then you want to ensure you’re doing it on a secure server — and it doesn’t currently get much more secure than iOS operating systems and the latest smartphones and iPads.

For the sake of balance, Android devices are incredibly secure and attract millions of mobile casino gamers.

However, Apple’s most recent update shows that security remains paramount, and casino gaming companies are becoming a more substantial target for cybercriminals and hacking groups due to their exponential growth.

While the interface used might be secure, there are still holes in some providers — and the expected trend will be for them to play their part more effectively too.

Hackers exposed the issues with BetMGM’s server back in 2022, and it’s been a much more visible point of debate for those in the industry since. Security remains one of the most significant talking points as the pendulum continues to swing further toward mobile and online casino gaming.


Although security and mobile app dominance will be prevalent right throughout the rest of this year, they’re also fairly predictable trends to predict.

So, what about the wildcards? Well, let’s dive into some of the more fringe ideas of what could happen in online casino gaming trends for the duration of this year.

Firstly, the virtual reality (VR) bubble may have burst for Mark Zuckerberg, with Meta hemorrhaging their massive investment.

However, there are growing talks that more online casinos will aim to incorporate virtual reality and the metaverse into their betting platforms.

Casino operators are desperate to find genuinely innovative, new inroads into the industry because there’s now so much competition.

As VR headsets start to become more abundant and the price for older headsets falls slightly, we might see a trend emerge where those who enjoy land-based casino gaming want to check out how it feels to play in the metaverse. It is a long shot, but who knows?

Crypto casinos

Cryptocurrency casinos like Lucky Hunter and Drip could also see a surge in activity because of their crypto-first approach.

Many in the cryptocurrency space believe that 2024 and 2025 will include the next bull run, which brings in more significant cashflow and more people looking to channel that into their casino gaming operations.

There’s a growing belief that gaming could be a strong narrative for the next cryptocurrency bull run, so crypto casinos could be placed perfectly to ride this wave as the year progresses.

Final thoughts

2023 was very much the year of the mobile casino game, with all the world’s prominent names developing slot gaming titles or piecing together projects aimed at those who play on their phones or tablets. In our opinion, it’ll be business as usual.

Although mobile gaming may have innovated to such a degree that there really isn’t too much out there that will truly get people sitting up, taking notice and talking about it, the overall product is so refined and popular that even the slightest adjustments could turn into a highly profitable trend for developers and operators — so certainly expect to see more of it.

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