Swiftle: Test Your Knowledge of Taylor Swift Songs

How well do you know Taylor Swift’s songs? Find out by playing Swiftle!

Challenge yourself and your friends to guess the Taylor Swift song from a clip in 6 tries, with just one click of the mouse.

It’s the perfect way to test your knowledge of Taylor Swift’s extensive back catalog and battle for bragging rights over who knows their stuff best.

In this post, we will explain what is Swiftle, how to play it, the rules of the game, and much more.

What is Swiftle?

What is Swiftle

Swiftle is a Taylor Swift-themed version of the classic game Heardle.

The goal is to guess the name of a Taylor Swift song by listening to a clip from the song and getting it right in six tries or fewer.

It’s great for parties, family gatherings, or just having fun with your friends.

How to Play Swiftle?

  1. Go to the Swiftle website.
  2. Choose your difficulty level (Rapid, or Archive).
  3. A one-second clip of a Taylor Swift song will be played for you to guess.
  4. Make your guess. If you get it right, you win the game and move on to the next round.
  5. If your guess is incorrect, 1 second of the clip will be unlocked and played for you until all 6 seconds are available.
  6. Get as many song names right as you can in 6 tries or fewer – it’s that simple!

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Rules of the Game

  1. The game follows the classic “Heardle” style of guessing a song in 6 tries or fewer.
  2. If your guess is incorrect, one more second of the clip will be unlocked and played for you until all 6 seconds are available.
  3. Each song must be identified correctly within 6 guesses or fewer.
  4. The game is timed and points are awarded for each correct answer within the allotted time frame.
  5. You can choose from two difficulty levels: Rapid or Archive. The Rapid level includes songs from Taylor’s latest albums, while the Archive level will include older songs as well as deep cuts from her discography.  

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Benefits of Playing Swiftle

  • Test your knowledge of this game.
  • Compete with friends and try to get the most points in a given amount of time.
  • Listen to Taylor Swift songs you might have missed or forgotten about. It’s a great way to re-introduce yourself to her back catalog!  
  • Have fun with family or friends in a light-hearted game of Taylor Swift trivia.
  • Learn more about some of Taylor’s lesser-known songs, as well as the stories behind them.


Swiftle is a great way to test your knowledge of Taylor Swift’s music and have fun with friends or family.

Choose from two difficulty levels and challenge yourself to guess the song in 6 tries or fewer!

With this game, you can listen to some of Taylor’s best songs and stories, all while trying to get the highest score.

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