6 Fantastic Games With Blind Characters

Over time, the number of blind video game characters has been quite limited. Nevertheless, those that have made an appearance have become truly iconic.

The inclusion of disabled characters in gaming is a significant step towards representation, especially when their portrayal avoids the familiar trope of constantly trying to “fix” their disability or being solely defined by it.

Let’s delve into the world of video games and discover some iconic characters who are blind, showcasing the remarkable design, writing, and personification that can be achieved in their creation.

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6 Epic Games with Blind Stars: A Deeper Dive

“Mortal Kombat” (Kenshi Takahashi)

Shang Tsung’s treachery resulted in Kenshi losing his vision, a fate shared by many other characters. Nevertheless, Kenshi has persevered and focused on intensifying his other senses.

His dedication has led to his developing a remarkable sixth sense, granting him telekinetic powers to move objects using his mind.

Furthermore, Kenshi has the unique ability to detect and sense the energy or “souls” of those surrounding him.

Kenshi, a highly skilled warrior, possesses exceptional abilities and is a deeply crafted character in the Mortal Kombat series.

He is renowned for his merciless Fatalities, among the most brutal in the franchise. Regarding blind video game representatives, Kenshi is undoubtedly the first character that springs to mind for most people.

“Borderlands” (T.K. Baha)

T.K. Baha, an unforgettable character in the original Borderlands game, one of the most-played eSports games at online casinos, serves as one of the initial non-playable characters (NPCs) players encounter.

His uniqueness lies not only in his blindness but also in the fact that he has lost a leg, both of which were the result of a daunting confrontation with a particularly vicious Skag named Scar. T.K. Baha’s significance extends beyond being a beloved NPC in Borderlands history; he is also recognized as one of the most tragic characters, second only to the infamous Handsome Jack.

“Soul Calibur” (Voldo)

Progressing towards a character undeniably holding a significant place in popular culture, albeit not necessarily cherished, we encounter Voldo from the esteemed fighting game series Soul Calibur.

Voldo undoubtedly stands as one of the most peculiar characters in the history of fighting games. Notably, he chooses to clothe himself entirely in attire that embodies the sadomasochistic fetish aesthetic.

“Ace Attorney” (Godot)

Godot, also known as Diego Armando, stands out as one of the most renowned figures in the Ace Attorney series, owing to his distinctive features, such as his striking white hair and futuristic visor.

Although the extent of his visual impairment remains uncertain, it is through this visor that Godot can perceive his surroundings, albeit not with complete clarity.

“Knights of the Old Republic 2” (Darth Traya)

Kreia, also recognized as Darth Traya, exemplifies exceptional character development within the Star Wars universe.

Hailing from one of the most remarkable Star Wars games ever created, she defies concise summarization.

As a sightless Jedi Master, she persistently scrutinizes the intricacies of the world, including the principles upheld by the Jedi Order.

However, her teachings faced scrutiny when her apprentice, Revan, succumbed to the allure of the dark side, leading many of her students astray.

“Guilty Gear” (Zato-One)

Within the vast array of characters in Guilty Gear, Zato-One stands out as a beloved figure among fans. Originating from humble beginnings as an orphan, Zato-One found solace within the ranks of the Assassin’s Guild.

However, his dissatisfaction with his own vulnerability led him down a path of dark magic, where he made a life-altering sacrifice.

By relinquishing his eyesight, Zato-One became the vessel for a potent “Anti-Gear” Forbidden Beast named Eddie, thereby gaining immense power.

Final Thoughts

In the vast realm of video games, characters like Kenshi, T.K. Baha, Voldo, Godot, Darth Traya, and Zato-One redefine storytelling, proving that disability doesn’t limit heroism.

From Mortal Kombat to Guilty Gear, their stories inspire, breaking stereotypes and adding richness to gaming narratives.

Let’s champion these diverse characters, paving the way for more inclusive and memorable gaming experiences.

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