9 Tips for Playing Escape From Tarkov With Friends

Escape from Tarkov is an immersive, first-person shooter video game that has gained immense popularity since its release. 

Players are required to interact with their surroundings to survive dangerous and hostile situations. The game challenges players in a lonely retreat away from society, building resources while avoiding enemy attacks and aggressive animals. 

This unique combination of exploration, scavenging, and firefights create an intense but realistic experience that puts the player right in the center of the action. 

With interesting storylines and engaging storytelling, Escape from Tarkov is sure to keep gamers hooked for hours on end.

Tips To Play Escape From Tarkov

Here are nine tips for playing Escape from Tarkov that will help make your gaming experience even better. 

Learn Your Weaponry 

To survive in Escape from Tarkov, it’s essential to understand how each weapon works and its strengths and weaknesses. 

Take some time to familiarize yourself with different weapons, so you know their range, accuracy, rate of fire, and other essential characteristics. 

Knowing your weaponry will help you stay one step ahead of your opponents. 

Familiarize Yourself with Maps 

map in Escape from Tarkov

Each map in Escape from Tarkov has its own set of objectives, enemies, and equipment locations. 

Spend some time learning the layout of each map so that you can quickly identify potential hiding spots or ambush points. 

You can also use maps to plan your mission strategy before the battle. 

Utilize Cover 

When fighting in Escape from Tarkov, staying behind cover as much as possible is essential. 

This helps protect you from enemy fire while allowing you to get closer to targets without being detected. 

Look for objects such as walls or overturned vehicles that can provide cover while allowing firing opportunities on nearby enemies. 

Loot Smartly 

Throughout each match in Escape from Tarkov, various loot items are scattered across the map that you can collect for extra resources or equipment upgrades. 

However, it’s essential not to waste too much time looting because this makes you vulnerable to attack by other players or NPCs (non-player characters). 

Focus on grabbing only essential items that can help boost your character’s stats or give them an edge in combat.

Upgrade Your Character Gear 

Upgrade Your Character Gear

As you progress through each match in Escape from Tarkov, upgrade your character gear whenever possible. 

This includes armor pieces, medical supplies, and special weapons attachments that can give your character a competitive edge over others in battle. 

The more powerful gear pieces require rarer materials which may take longer to find but are worth the effort if they give an advantage during combat situations.

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Stay Alert 

In Escape from Tarkov, one wrong move can mean death for even experienced players, so it pays to stay alert. 

Make sure you always keep an eye out for approaching enemies and take note of any suspicious activity near your character. The last thing you want is to be caught off guard by an enemy sneaking up on you! 

Also, take advantage of any cover available. Hiding behind walls or trees can help keep you safe while still allowing you to keep an eye on nearby threats. 

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Stock Up On Supplies 

Having enough supplies is essential if you want to survive in this game. Make sure that before each mission, you stock up on all the necessary items. The necessary items include ammunition, medical supplies, food, water, and anything else that might come in handy during your raid runs.

This tip also applies when looting after winning a match. Remember that whatever resources you collect can always be used again during future missions, so make sure not to waste them.

Join a Raid With Experienced Players 

While it may be tempting to jump into a raid solo, the wisest move is to join an experienced group and learn some of the ins and outs of this game.

Experienced players know how best to use their resources and will be able to give you valuable advice on how to maximize your chances of success. 

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Know when to retreat 

As much as it’s important not to run away from every fight, it’s also important not to bite off more than you can chew by engaging too many enemies at once or staying in a firefight too long without backup or supplies. 

It can be tempting to go all-in during a raid but knowing when it’s time to retreat is vital if you want any chance of success in this game.


With these nine tips for playing Escape From Tarkov under your belt, now is the perfect time to jump into this intense survival shooter game! 

Whether you’re a beginner just starting or an experienced player looking for new strategies and tactics, these tips will help make sure that every mission is successful.

And to get an edge over other players, buy the best undetected EFT cheats. Good luck, soldier—it’s time to show what you’re made of!

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