20 Best K-Pop Heardle Games – 2023

Do you love K-Pop? Do you love playing games? If you answered yes to both of those questions, then we have the perfect list of Kpop heardle games for you!

In this blog post, we will be discussing 20 K-Pop Heardle games that will keep you entertained for hours on end. These games are all available online and can be played for free.

So what are you waiting for? Start scrolling down and choose your favorite game to play!

What is K-Pop Heardle?

Kpop Heardle is a heardle-based game where you have to guess the name of a K-Pop song by listening to only a few seconds of its melody.

The rules are pretty simple: You must be able to recognize the artist, group, or title. If you do so correctly, you will gain points but if you fail, then you have to wait for a day to get a play the next one.

List of Best Kpop Heardles (2023)

Here is the list of 20 best Kpop heardle games which are completely free to play.

  1. K-Pop Heardle
  2. K-Heardle
  3. Kpop Heardle
  4. Kpop-Heardle
  5. Kpopgg-Heardle
  6. Astro
  7. Cix
  8. Oh My Girl
  9. NCity
  10. Pentagon
  11. Loona heardle
  12. The Boyz
  13. Kpop
  14. BTS Heardle
  15. BTS-Heardle
  16. Blackpink Heardle
  17. Blackpink by SongTrivia
  18. BlackPink-Heardle
  19. Twice
  20. Woodz

Note: All of the Kpop Heardles listed above are working properly as of February 2023.

In a previous post, we have discussed Vocaloid Heardle which is much similar to Kpop Heardle. These games are easy enough for anyone to play, yet challenging enough so that you can really test the knowledge of music.

We hope that this list of the 20 best K-Pop heardle games will keep you guessing your favorite K-Pop songs. Whether you’re a fan of BTS, Blackpink, or any other K-Pop group, there’s a game on this list for you.

Remember that all of these games are completely free to play and can be found online. So go ahead and give them a try and see how high you can score on each one.

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