How to Get Origins Lightning Staff Upgrade in COD?

Have you been looking for a way to get the Origins Lightning Staff Upgrade in COD? Well, look no further!

This guide will provide you with all the steps and knowledge needed to obtain the coveted lightning staff upgrade.

With this upgrade, you’ll be able to unlock powerful abilities that will give you an edge over your opponents, so don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to gain the lightning-staff upgrade!

What is Lightning Staff?

What is Lightning Staff

The Lightning Staff is a powerful weapon featured in the Origins map of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

It is one of the elemental staffs that players can acquire and upgrade to its ultimate version.

The staff harnesses the power of electricity, allowing players to unleash bolts of lightning that electrocute and eliminate zombies in their path.

The Lightning Staff’s ultimate super attack is a larger ball of electricity that can chain between multiple zombies, making it highly effective against hordes of undead enemies.

How to Get the Lightning Staff? Steps

You need the following parts to get the base version of the Lightning Staff.

  1. Gramophone
  2. 1 Purple disc
  3. 3 Purple parts
  4. 1 black disc

Here are the locations where you can find these items:

Get Purple Parts:

Part 1: Ride the tank from the church and jump to the wooden platform on the RIGHT side, halfway along the muddy path, after passing Generator 4 (Jug).

Part 2: Ride the tank from Generator 2 (Tank Station) and jump across to the wooden platform on your LEFT as you approach the excavation site. Walk above the excavation site to claim the part.

Part 3: After reaching the part 2 location, jump to the RIGHT side of the tank near the church, onto the snowy walkway with the broken fence. Navigate around the back of the church to find and claim the part.

Get Purple Disc:

  • On the wagon, near the entrance of Generator 4.
  • On a table near the Wunderfizz machine.
  • At the very bottom of the Wind tunnel.

Get Black Disc:

The Black Disc is used in conjunction with the Gramophone to unlock the lower level of the excavation site. It can be found in one of three locations:

  • On a box at the bottom of the walkway leading up to the excavation site which is Generator 2 side.
  • On a box opposite the excavation site, near the entrance leading to the church.
  • At the top of the excavation site, in a wheelbarrow beside PaP (Pack-a-Punch).

Get Gramophone:

  • You can find the Gramophone inside the central digging site, one level downstairs on the floor.

Build the Lightning Staff:

  • Head to the tunnel near Generator 5 (Stamin-Up) and go underground to the very end. Place the gramophone on the table to activate the purple portal, transporting you to the Crazy Place.
  • In the Crazy Place, retrieve the crystal from the purple pedestal and rebuild the purple portal to exit.
  • Proceed to the lower level of the excavation site and construct the Lightning Staff in front of the statues.

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Steps for Lightning Staff Upgrade

Steps for Lightning Staff Upgrade

Follow the steps below for a lightning staff upgrade.

Shoot Purple Triangles in the Puzzle

  • In the Crazy Place, observe the sequence of purple triangles near the purple portal area. Remember the bottom row of notes (1-7) and ignore the top row.
  • Using the Lightning Staff, shoot the notes in the following order, ignoring the top row:

1, 3, 6;

3, 5, 7;

2, 4, 6.

  • The ground will shake and you will receive an audio quote from Samantha.

Turn the Electric Panel Switches:

Visit specific locations and adjust the dials on eight different panels to their designated positions:

  • Generator 5 (opposite Stamin-Up machine): Dial pointing down.
  • Church (behind the tank): Dial pointing right.
  • Church (upstairs by the window): Dial pointing up.
  • Generator 4 (Jug, right-hand side of wind tunnel entrance): Dial pointing up.
  • Spawn room (near stairs): Dial pointing left.
  • Generator 2 (Tank Station building, back door): Dial pointing down.
  • Behind the excavation site (near pathway to the church): Dial pointing up.
  • An audio quote from Samantha will play, and a beam of light will emerge from the excavation site into the sky.

Note: The eighth panel does not spark, so it can be ignored.

Shoot the Purple Orbs:

  • At the bottom of the excavation site, locate the four large rings with colored gems.
  • Use the switches in the area to rotate the dials until all the rings turn purple.
  • Once ready, shoot the purple orb beneath the rings using the Lightning Staff, propelling it upward.

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Pickup the Staff:

  • Return to the Crazy Place and place the Lightning Staff in the purple pedestal.
  • Defeat 20-30 zombies in the Crazy Place while the staff absorbs their souls.
  • Retrieve the staff from the pedestal, and the Ultimate Lightning Staff is yours.


By following this guide, you have mastered the art of acquiring and upgrading the Lightning Staff in Origins.

Embrace its powerful electrical attacks, devastating super attack, and unique abilities.

With your newfound knowledge, venture forth into the zombie-infested world of Black Ops 3 Origins, armed with the Lightning Staff as your ultimate weapon.

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