Mirror of Loss in BG3: Everything You Need to Know

Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3) has been captivating players with its deep lore, challenging quests, and innovative gameplay.

Among the game’s many mysterious and alluring artifacts is the Mirror of Loss.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the Mirror of Loss in BG3, how to find and use it, its mechanics, and the role it plays in your quest through the Forgotten Realms.

What is the Mirror of Loss in BG3?

Mirror of Loss BG3

According to the game’s lore, the Mirror of Loss in BG3 is an ancient object that holds within it the memories and emotions of those who have gazed upon it.

It is a large mirror that can be used to reflect the memories of the user. It is found in both the Gauntlet of Shar and the House of Grief. The former is cracked and cannot be used for reflection, however, the latter is functional and can be offered a memory by the user.

When you interact with the Mirror of Loss in BG3, you have the option to offer a memory to the mirror. Once you do, you will receive a permanent ability buff.

However, before you can offer a memory, you need to pass some checks. You need to pass an initial Arcana or Religion check to identify the mirror, and then each party member must pass their individual Religion prayer checks to receive the permanent ability buff.

It is important to note that the Mirror of Loss is a feature hidden in the darkest cloister of the Temple of Shar in Baldur’s Gate. Therefore, it is not easy to find and requires some exploration and investigation to locate.

However, if you do stumble upon the mirror, it is worth the effort to use it and gain the permanent ability buff.

How to Find Mirror of Loss in BG3?

Find Mirror of Loss in BG3

The Mirror of Loss is a powerful artifact that can be found in Act 3 of Baldur’s Gate 3. In Act 3, the mirror is in the back of the last room in the house of grief, behind SH’s folks.

To access the BG3 Mirror of Loss:

  1. Unlock the Threshold of Loss and enter the Chamber of Loss by placing 1000 gold on the Sacrificial Bowl or using the Shadowheart’s amulet.
  2. Once you have done this, the door to the Chamber of Loss will open.
  3. Enter the Chamber of Loss and you will see the Mirror of Loss. It is a large mirror that can be used to reflect memories.

How to Use Mirror of Loss in BG3?

Here’s how to use BG3’s Mirror of Loss:

  1. Find the Mirror of Loss: The Mirror of Loss can be found as explained above or in both the Gauntlet of Shar at X: -645 Y: -735 and the House of Grief at X: -474 Y: -1650. The former is cracked and cannot be used for reflection, however, the latter is functional and can be offered a memory by the user.
  2. Offer a Memory: Once you find the functional Mirror of Loss, you can offer a memory to it. The options are as follows:
  • Offer up memories of your strength – times when you triumphed, thanks to your raw power.
  • Give up memories of your youth, when your heart was carefree and your limbs were nimble.
  • Relinquish memories of fortitude and well-being, when body and mind held fast against all challenges.
  1. Receive a Permanent Ability Score Bonus: After offering a memory, you will receive a permanent ability score bonus. Each party member must pass their Religion prayer checks to receive the permanent ability buff.

Note: You can only offer one memory per character, so choose wisely. BG3’s Mirror of Loss is a one-time-use item, so make sure you’re ready to part with memory before using it.

How to Answer the Mirror in BG3?

You can answer as follows when given the option to answer in Mirror of Loss BG3.

  • “Show me what I seek.”
  • “I do not fear you, mirror.”
  • “What do you have to show me?”
  • “You cannot tempt me with your illusions.”
  • “I am not afraid of my desires.”
  • “What secrets can you reveal?”
  • “I will face whatever truths you hold.”
  • “You hold no power over me.”
  • “I have nothing to hide from you.”
  • “Your reflections mean nothing to me.”

When given the option to look into the Mirror of Loss, you can choose from three possible responses:

  1. Gaze upon it
  2. Ignore it
  3. Employ magic

Mirror of Loss BG3: Lore and Background

The Mirror of Loss has a haunting presence in the BG3 universe. Its origins steeped in ancient magic, the mirror serves as a narrative cornerstone that intertwines with the universe’s expansive mythology.

Historical Significance

Delve into the annals of the Baldur’s Gate realm and there you’ll find the first mention of the mirror. Its creation, shrouded in legend, is said to be the work of an ancient sorcerer whose name has been lost to time, a symbol of their mastery over reality’s fabric.

Connection to the Story

As you traverse the lands of Faerûn, the BG3 Mirror of Loss emerges as a motif, helping to shape the destinies of characters both major and minor.

Its reflective surface not only mirrors the physical form but also the soul’s deepest yearnings, often with unforeseen consequences.

Mirror of Loss BG3: Mechanics and Gameplay

Beyond its narrative allure, the Mirror of Loss BG3 affects gameplay in tangible, often challenging ways.

Function in the Game

When encountered, the mirror may present options: to gaze upon it, ignore it, or employ magical means to uncover its secrets. Each choice sets off a chain reaction of events that can alter your path.

Player Progression

Character interactions with the Mirror of Loss can lead to enhanced abilities, altered stats, unique items, or enemy scaling in BG3. Yet, the mirror may extract a price – be it a portion of your soul, a cherished memory, or a future yet unwritten.

Choices and Consequences

Choose wisely, for the mirror’s gifts are double-edged. A boon given may be a curse in disguise. Aligning with the mirror’s enigmatic power might birth ripples that change the course of your journey in Forgotten Realms.

Quests and Challenges

Your encounters with the Mirror of Loss in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3) are woven through a tapestry of quests that challenge your resolve.

Missions Involving the Mirror

Many an adventurer has been tasked with seeking out the Mirror of Loss for noble goals or darker purposes. These quests are rife with moral quandaries and combat trials that will test your mettle.

Overcoming Obstacles

To conquer the trials of the Mirror of Loss, one must be equipped with not just might and magic but wits and wisdom. Learn the art of discernment, identifying when to wield the mirror’s power or resist its seductions.

Strategy and Tips

When facing the mirror, remember: that knowledge is power. Seek allies knowledgeable in ancient lore, arm yourself with anti-magical artifacts, and prepare for the unexpected. Embrace flexibility in strategy, as the mirror often demands improvisation.

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Community Reactions and Reviews

The presence and implementation of the Mirror of Loss in BG3 have sparked considerable dialogue within the community.

Player Feedback

From forums to streams, players share tales of their encounters with the mirror, expressing a spectrum of emotions from frustration at its deceptions to awe at its story-enhancing capabilities.

Critical Analysis

Critics applaud BG3’s incorporation of the Mirror of Loss into its gameplay, highlighting it as an example of narrative-driven game design.

Some, however, point to the potential for its enigmatic nature to overwhelm the unwary player, muddling their journey.

Pros and Cons


  • Adds depth and complexity to the game’s narrative.
  • Offers unique gameplay mechanics that challenge players.
  • Opens up avenues for exploration and discovery within the lore of BG3.


  • Can be overwhelming or confusing for some players.
  • May alter player progression in unexpected ways, leading to frustration.
  • Could benefit from clearer explanations.

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The Mirror of Loss in Baldur’s Gate 3 is a multifaceted addition to an already rich universe. It presents not only a challenge to the sword arm but also to the heart and mind of every player it ensnares.

As you journey through BG3, treat the mirror as an ally and adversary in equal parts, and perhaps you’ll unravel the mysteries dwelling within its silvery depths.

Remember, every choice you make before it echoes throughout the skies of Faerûn. Will you confront the mirror, or will it, in the end, confront you?

Either way, your tale will be one to be told across ages – a story of courage, cunning, and, perhaps, a touch of loss.

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