Which Ball in Quidditch is the Largest?

Imagine soaring across the sky on a broomstick, chasing after balls of different shapes and sizes, with the roar of the crowd in your ears.

This fantastical image comes to life in the wizarding sport of Quidditch, which has captivated the hearts of millions around the world, thanks to J.K. Rowling’s meticulously crafted Harry Potter series.

Among the key elements in this magical sport are the various balls used, each with its own unique attributes.

In this detailed blog post, we’re diving deep into the question that’s been on many a fan’s mind: Which ball in Quidditch is the largest, and what significance does this have in the game?

What is a Quidditch Ball?

Which Ball in Quidditch is the Largest

To the uninitiated Muggle, Quidditch is a complex, fast-paced game played on flying broomsticks. There are three types of balls used in the game:

  1. Quaffle
  2. Bludgers
  3. Golden Snitch

Each serves a specific purpose and plays a pivotal role in the outcome of the match. The Quaffle is the ball used by the three Chasers to score goals, while the two Beaters must keep the three Bludgers away from their teammates.

The game ends only when the Seeker catches the Golden Snitch, which is worth an impressive 150 points.

Which Ball in Quidditch is the Largest?

Quaffles are the largest ball in Quidditch. They are approximately 12 inches in diameter and are used by the Chasers to score goals through the opposing team’s hoops. Quaffles are typically made of leather and are enchanted to make them easier to handle during gameplay.

All Quidditch Balls Explained



The Quaffle is smooth, shiny, red, and slightly smaller than the basketball-sized ball. It’s the game’s primary ball, utilized by Chasers to score goals worth ten points each. The Keeper also uses the Quaffle to guard the goals.



Bludgers are jet black and double the size of a Quaffle. They’re enchanted to cause serious harm, flying wildly around the pitch, and their aim is to disrupt gameplay by targeting opposing players.

The Golden Snitch

The Golden Snitch

The Golden Snitch, as the most important ball to the game’s outcome, is infamous for its elusiveness and small, walnut-sized appearance. It holds unique properties that make it not only hard to catch but also swift and evasive.

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Comparing Sizes of Quidditch Balls

Quaffle Size

The Quaffle’s size is the largest among all three balls. Its weight is finely balanced, allowing for nimble maneuvers without being too heavy to hinder speed.

Bludgers Size

Bludgers are the second largest by pure volume yet their weight remains slightly lighter. This size and weight ratio enables them to be the inimical projectiles that aim to unsettle the opposing team and make the game an even more unpredictable challenge.

Golden Snitch Size

The Golden Snitch, in contrast to the other balls, is the smallest. Its diminutive size contributes to the intense difficulty in catching it, which adds a layer of tactical complexity to the game, as teams must balance the pursuit of goals with the ultimate prize — the Snitch.

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Wrapping Up

The largest ball in Quidditch, the Quaffles, has the unique ability to cause chaos and target players, regardless of their skill or position. Its size is a curse to those who must face it but a savior to the ones who learn to master it.

Now that you know which ball in Quidditch is the largest, you should go with a balance that keeps the sport intriguing and irreplaceable in the hearts of wizards and Muggles alike.

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