Passvers Activation Lock Bypasser Review: Does It Really Work?

iCloud activation lock was originally designed to prevent private data leakage after a device is stolen or lost.

However, when we don’t use our old iPhones for a long time, or when we accidentally buy a used iOS device from a seller, the iCloud activation lock is annoying. In this case, an effective unlocking tool comes in handy.

So I tested one of the professional tools, namely Passvers Activation Lock Bypass Tool, and provided its key features and usage for you in this post.

What Is Passvers Activation Lock Bypasser?

Passvers Activation Lock Bypasser is the highest-ranking unlocker to bypass the iCloud activation lock without a password. Compatible with Windows and Mac devices, it would allow you to run your mobile phone smoothly with simple clicks.

Details of Passvers iCloud Bypass Feature

During the testing of this popular unlocker, some features were impressive and can set it apart from other unlockers.

Quick and Successful Unlocking

This tool can bypass the activation lock very quickly, so you can unlock the device in a very short period without having to wait for a long time. Clear bypass guidelines are provided to ensure a 100% success rate. Rest assured, you won’t miss any important updates.

Excellent Compatibility

It is compatible with different models of iPhone, iPad, iPod, and iOS devices, which shows the wide applicability of the software to meet your different needs.

Easy Operation

User-friendly interface, no technical skills required. Even technical novices can easily complete the unlocking process with a clear and easy-to-use interface.

Multiple Purchase Options

Affordable monthly subscription plans are available for emergency use. This enables you to choose the most suitable purchase plan according to your needs and financial capabilities.

All-in-one tool

Apart from bypassing the iCloud activation lock, it also supports functions such as unlocking the screen, wiping the Apple ID, and removing the MDM profile.

Steps to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock with Passvers

This highest-quality tool provides an efficient, easy-to-use, and secure solution for bypassing iCloud activation lock and supports the latest devices and systems.

Meanwhile, its versatility makes it a comprehensive iOS device management tool. But how to bypass the iCloud activation lock on the mobile phone without passwords with Passvers? Just follow the simple steps below to start the process.

Now let’s take an iPhone as an example.

Step 1. Install Passvers iPhone Unlocker

Please make sure that you have downloaded Passvers iPhone Unlocker from the official website and installed it on your computer. Then launch the program.


1. Before bypassing the activation lock, you need to jailbreak the device in advance and make sure sufficient storage space on the computer.

2. If you jailbreak your iPhone via Windows, please note that you should try to use a blank disk for installing the jailbreaking tool or back up the important data in the flash drive in advance because the process of this operation will format the flash drive, which will lead to the loss of the data in the flash drive.

Step 2. Link iPhone to Computer

Use a USB cable to connect your jailbroken Apple device to the computer. Next, in the Passvers iPhone Unlocker interface, choose the “Bypass iCloud Activation Lock” option located at the bottom-right corner.

Passvers Activation Lock Bypasser Review

Step 3. Initiate iCloud Activation Lock Bypass

Once the software has successfully detected your device, it will display the device details for your verification. To start the activation removal process, simply click on “Start Bypassing Activation“, and the software will promptly begin to bypass the lock for you.

Start Bypassing Activation

Step 4. Unlock successfully

After bypassing the activation lock successfully, there will be a pop-up window prompting “Activation bypassing succeeded“. At this time, you can directly use the iPhone, without having to log in to the original Apple ID and password first!

Activation bypassing succeeded


1. After bypassing the activation lock, you can use the new Apple ID to sign in to the App Store to download and install apps. However, it is not possible to sign in to the old Apple ID, or iCloud account.

2. Additionally, if you restart your device, that lock might just pop up again.


This highest-ranking Passvers iPhone Unlocker has effectively and effortlessly helped to bypass the activation lock without a password during the testing process.

So if you’re stuck with an iCloud-locked device, Passvers iPhone Unlocker is your go-to solution. It’s super easy to set up and use, even if you’re not tech-savvy.

Download it and follow the steps, and you’re on your way to freedom from the iCloud activation lock. Easy as pie! 🥧👍

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