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Snapchat Planets: A Closer Look at the Planet Order Feature

Are you looking for an innovative way to stay connected with your closest friends? With Snapchat Planets, a premium subscription feature, users can take their social media experience to the next level. In this blog post we’ll be taking a closer look at what is Snapchat Planets, understand how it works, and explore the meaning behind each planet in the Planet Order.

What is Snapchat?


Snapchat is a widely used software application compatible with Android and iOS devices.

It allows users to share videos and photos known as “Snaps,” which disappear after a certain time.

It also offers a chat function where messages vanish once viewed, adding a distinct touch to conversations.

What is Snapchat Planets Feature?

Snapchat Planets is a premium subscription feature that takes user experience to the next level.

For just $3.99, users can enjoy exclusive features, including the Planet Order.

With this feature, you can select your eight closest friends and create a circle resembling planets orbiting the sun.

Snapchat Plus offers additional features, including ghost trials, story re-watch count, pinning your contact as a Best Friend Forever (BFF), and customizable chat wallpapers.

This feature of Snapchat enhances the overall experience, making the premium version a worthwhile choice for users seeking extra convenience and personalization.

What Do Snapchat Plus Planets Mean?

Snapchat Plus Planets Mean

Snapchat Plus Planets serve as a captivating way to enhance the user interface and foster closer connections with best friends.

By assigning planet spots to your friends, you can visually represent their significance in your social circle.

The Planet Order indicates the hierarchy of friendship, with each planet representing a different position.

What is Snapchat Plus Planets order?

Snapchat Planets

In the Snapchat Planet Order, each planet holds a specific position based on the closeness of friendship. Let’s explore the order and characteristics of each planet:

1. Mercury: The Closest Companion

Mercury, the closest planet to the sun, symbolizes utmost closeness. If you or your friend is assigned Mercury, it indicates the highest level of friendship. The planet features a pink color with red hearts surrounding it.

2. Venus: The Second in Line

Venus represents the second-best friend in your Snapchat Best Friends list. It showcases a beige-colored planet adorned with pink, blue, and yellow hearts.

3. Earth: A Solid Friendship

Earth takes the third position in the Planet Order, reflecting a strong bond with your friend. This planet is depicted in green and blue, with red hearts and a moon.

4. Mars: The Fourth Companion

Being assigned the Mars planet implies being the fourth most cherished friend. Mars stands out with its red color and is embellished with purple and blue hearts.

5. Jupiter: Midway Through the List

Jupiter marks the midway point among your eight closest friends. This orange-colored planet shines with pink, blue, and yellow stars.

6. Saturn: The Sixth in Line

The majestic Saturn planet represents the sixth position in the Planet Order. It features a yellow color with a golden ring, accompanied by pink, blue, and yellow stars.

7. Uranus: Approaching the End

Uranus is the seventh planet in the Planet Order, signifying the closeness of your seventh friend. It showcases a green color and is adorned with yellow stars.

8. Neptune: The Final Frontier

Neptune, the blue-colored planet, concludes the Planet Order, representing the eighth and last friend in your circle. It stands out with blue stars surrounding it.

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Embracing the Snapchat Planet Order

Snapchat Planets Order adds a new dimension to the way we perceive and prioritize our friendships. By assigning planets to our friends, we can visually represent the closeness and significance of each bond. While the order might not always align with our expectations, it offers an intriguing perspective on social connections.


Snapchat has once again captured our attention with its innovative feature, the Snapchat Planet Order. By assigning planets to our closest friends, we can visually represent the hierarchy of our social circles.

The Planet Order, with its unique characteristics for each planet, adds a touch of personalization and excitement to the app experience.

So, embrace the planets, explore the order, and nurture your closest friendships in this virtual solar system created by Snapchat.

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