5 Best Battle Royale Games You Should Try

The battle royale format is a fairly new genre that was introduced by the developers of PUBG as a new idea for session shooters that allow the player to participate in survival matches against a huge number of opponents, where everyone, under equal conditions, must find weapons, ammunition, body armor, a helmet, and others elements of tactical combat.

So that players can play more consistently and with more time for themselves, depending on their work schedule, matches take place on average for half an hour and you can regulate how many such matches you can play.

The Best Battle Royale Games

Best Battle Royale Games


A classic and first project of its kind, which is based on the concept of mercenaries fighting alone or as part of combat groups.

You will play in a format close to a real combat simulation, but with arcade elements like jumping with full equipment, so as not to turn the project into a full-fledged simulator, like ARMA 2, on which the main engine for PUBG is written.

PUBG is known and popular due to the entertainment and scale of its battles.

The battle will involve about 100 players in teams, or alone, who will fight for the right to remain the only survivor on the game server, who will receive top 1 status and the maximum reward.

PUBG regularly holds matches and tournaments, which are simply interesting to watch, because teams from squads of 4 players compete against each other and think through their tactics to the smallest detail, but there can only be one winner.

Best Battle Royale Games

Apex Legends

This is a popular project, which was implemented with the support of EA Games, as a desire to win back some of the popularity of PUBG and create their own game, but with a number of new and interesting mechanics, with an emphasis on the agent system and the speed of battles.

Players participate in matches to determine their current gaming skills and apex boosting in a league system that sorts players by skill level and allows them to progress or lose positions in their league.

The main concept and mechanics are still aimed at shooting, survival and finding weapons, but due to the system of skills that the main selected character has, you can achieve different levels of gameplay.

This can be an attack when the hero has the means to fight, not only with small arms.

For example, Bastion is a hero who can use a defensive shield and deliver artillery strikes to targets.

You can choose stable heroes with the ability to survive, which will allow you to make more mistakes on the battlefield, but not lose your life too quickly.

For example, Lifeline, which can deliver first aid kits to itself and do the same for group members.

Octane has built-in regeneration and when he leaves the battle, his health will gradually recover.

In the project from EA Games there are many more variations of agents for whom it will be easy and common for you to receive a boost in Apex Legends, like Bastion, who is both a defender and a master of aiming artillery at opponents.


A project from Epic Games, which took a different path in the development of the battle royale genre and mixed several mechanics, from cartoonish and bright graphics to a system of unique construction right during the battle.

Fortnite’s players rarely encounter problems with a shortage of weapons – there are plenty of them on the servers, but you need to take into account the difference in quality and the randomness of appearance, which does not always work in an honest manner.

The most important feature is the ability to build shelters and barricades anywhere on the map at will.

If this is done quickly, then it is possible to build full-fledged shelters during battles, and the player who is faster and more skillful is able to combine his own construction and breaking through enemy shelters until they are restored.

Call of Duty Warzone

The project from Infinity Ward and Activision could not stand aside from such a boom in the popularity of the battle royale genre and began to implement their project.

These are free matches that are available to everyone without even having to purchase a specific game.

The main emphasis is on action, in which there is the opportunity to get a revival, and not immediately leave the server.

There will be a lot of weapons and they will be literally everywhere. You will remember some of the weapons from a series of tasks and missions during the passage of the main storyline of the Call of Duty series

The main idea of the authors is quick matches and maximum action, in which a large number of players will converge using vehicles and mechanics of squad interaction.

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Escape from Tarkov

If you want to choose battles in which the rules of a military simulation apply and two large units confront each other, then you should go to Tarkov.

It is considered a battle royale because each player will be forced to go to neutral territories in search of equipment, where many enemies live, ranging from representatives of the enemy PMC to bandits, of which there are a huge number throughout the territory of Tarkov.

The project focuses on increased realism during game sessions – this is due to the trajectory of the bullet, the mechanics of wounds and damage systems close to real ones.

In Tarkov it is easy to get one bullet, which will decide the outcome of the entire match, but you can also quickly eliminate the enemy yourself if you learn to take the right position and shoot accurately.

To do this, you need to aim a little higher than your target, because according to the laws of physics and ballistics, the bullet will always fall down and not fly straight like in CS GO.

If you like special forces actions and tactical interactions close to real ones, then you need to choose Escape from Tarkov. You won’t even be able to jump with all the equipment you have.

If you want greater dynamics and unique skills that allow you to play matches faster and more actively, then choose boosting in Apex Legends.

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