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5 best meme generator apps for Android and iPhone

It is very right to say that memes are the currency of the internet. There is a great trend of memes on the internet nowadays.

Memes are funny because they are true. They are based on the content of almost true happenings around us. Everyone loves memes because they make us look at things from the bright side. At least, they make us laugh at the painfully true things. This is the reason memes are trending on the internet.

If you are a meme lover and want to create memes and showcase your creativity on social media, this article will help you a lot in this regard.

In this article, we will discuss the top 5 meme generator apps that can help you generate all types of memes.

GATM meme generator

GATM meme generator

It is a very powerful meme maker that allows users to make new memes and enhance their creativity. Besides generating memes, this app offers an easy way to discover new memes. The memes library is updated daily on the GATM meme generator, so you will be in touch with the new meme trends on social media.

In the library of this app, you can also add your creative memes to amuse the audience with your creativity.

This app also has a variety of powerful editing tools from where you can edit your memes according to your imagination and creativity.

Downloading, compatibility, and watermark:

First of all, you can easily download this app from Google Play Store and this app is completely free to download.

The second one, this app is only compatible with android phones. It is not available on iOS but according to a report soon it will be launched on the iOS platform.

The third and very important point is about the app’s watermark on memes. The good thing is that it doesn’t force any watermark on the memes. so, you can enjoy it very well without the fear of any watermark.



It is one of the best meme-generator apps in the market. Memedroid is a very convenient and easy-to-use app for creating funny memes.

This app allows you to your official meme account on it. Likewise, you run other social media accounts. Memedroid also enables a memer account that connects you to the meme world. By creating this profile, you can collaborate or chat with thousands of other memers around the world.

This meme maker app also has a meme library where you can store your memes and see other trending memes on social media.

If we talk about editing tools, it also has a variety of editing tools. These tools can help you in the creation of freestyle or other memes.

Downloading, compatibility, and watermarks:

This app is completely free to download. It is compatible with both platforms Android and iOS. Recently, this app has been launched on iOS.

There are no watermarks available on Memedroid, which is a very good thing about the memers.



One of the trending and easy-to-use meme-making apps is Mematic. If you are an iPhone user and searching for the best meme-generator app, Mematic is for you.

It allows you to create two types of memes.

The first option has a black background, photo, and text, making it ideal for demotivational posters.

You can also select from pre-made templates, such as Bachelor Frog and Scumbag Steve, and place your text over them.

The editing tools are very good at Memedroid. These tools can help you a lot in making memes and displaying your creativity to the audience.

Mematic excels at simple designs. The custom meme generator even lets you use images from your camera roll as a background. When you finish editing, Mematic allows you to share your creation via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and email.

Downloading, compatibility, and watermarks:

It is completely free to download. However, if you want to enjoy some extra features you to upgrade it to pro-version for just 2.99$. It is only compatible with the iOS platform.

Watermark is available in the free version but it will hideout in the pro-version.



Tumblr is also one of the trending meme-generating platforms in the market.

It is a social network and you can create your account and post your videos and images on it. Its editing tools can help you a lot in creating memes according to your interests.

The app for iPhones and Android Smartphones features a GIF editor as well as photo editing options. You can customize the text by selecting the font, the size, and the color, or add as many stickers as you want to your memes.

Besides making memes, you can use this app to discover photos according to your interests. Photos of almost all the categories are available on Tumblr.

Downloading, compatibility, and watermarks:

This app is completely free to download. It is compatible with both iPhone and Android.

There is no availability of watermarks on Tumblr.

ZomboDroid’s videos and GIF memes

zombodroid video and gif meme

With over 1M+ downloads this app is also trending and its interface is very attractive.

The coolest memes are always GIFs, and if you want a powerful app that lets you manipulate moving and still images, then ZomboDroid’s Video and GIF Memes is one of the best options.

You can customize the text in any way you want while the app also lets you combine videos, GIFs, and photos into a single file.

Its library contains millions of GIF memes as well. These memes can help you a lot in enhancing your creativity.

Downloading, compatibility, and watermarks:

It is completely free to download. It is only compatible with Android platforms.

The watermark is available on this app.


Nowadays, there is a great trend of memes overall social media. If you are a beginner and wanted to step into the memes verse, the above-mentioned apps will help you a lot to enhance your creativity. Hope you liked our hard work. If so, share it with others.


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